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About us

NTI-skolan is one of the foremost and leading education companies in Sweden. Our long experience and highly knowledgeable teachers at NTI-skolan supply you with the upmost tools and conditions for reaching your goals with your studies.

NTI-skolan will help you reach your goals in the best possible manner that suits you. We are a creative and genuine educational company which assists and develops adults according to their individual abilities and goals.

Choose your opportunities
Our goal is to give as many as possible the chance of progressing in a way that suits them most beneficially. The foundation of our concept is to offer a choice of opportunities to all individuals. We create the possibility for development and a new career through our education.

We have a long and extensive background and experience when it comes to developing competence within persons who are ambitious. Our expertise and ability to bring forward and set free the potential within individual adults proves that we are the best choice for our motivated studying participants who are looking for, a serious, adaptable, and goal focused learning which delivers positive results.

Distance and classroom education
Our focus lies within adult education- both distance and classroom education. NTI-skolan is a part of AcadeMedia which is one of the leading companies within the educational market in Sweden; this includes both the private and public sectors. So far we have had around 180,000 studying adults who have been educated at NTI-skolan, and we have roughly 50,000 participants enrolled in distance courses annually, as well as around 4,000 who choose our classroom courses.

SFI, Swedish for immigrants
We teach Swedish for immigrants online! Studying SFI will give you basic knowledge in Swedish and Swedish society. After you have completed the course, you will receive a grade. All courses are free. Registration is done at SFI-Centrum (Hornsgatan 124), Stockholm. If you live in another municipality, please contact us for more information.

T: 08-508 35 450


Contact NTI-skolan
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